To start with the place where it will be the cage. It cannot be placed in the pass-through location or a remote area. So the chinchilla will not be able to relax, and that could affect her mental health. Desirable to put the cage near a window where plenty of sun, or near heating appliances. Not recommended to put it in the bedroom. These animals are nocturnal and the noise may prevent to sleep to you.The cage needs to be spacious. Optimally - if the height and the length will be 80 cm, a width of about 60 cm. the Best shape for cells rectangular. So your chinchilla will be easier to navigate.
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The cage should be done from strong and safe materials, as these animals try everything on the tooth. You can use aluminum siding, galvanized mesh, plexiglass. But do not use chipboard, MDF and materials where there is glue. Chinchilla can be poisoned and die. Start to assemble the cage to the frame. For this you can use any bars. The rear wall and part of the side panel lining. It should be dry and free of visible stains resin. Attach all the screws, but make sure there are schisms. The floor is done as well. For easy cleaning you can make a rectangular hole with mesh on the bottom. Not sewn the other side of the wall and the top can be closed galvanized mesh or plexiglass. The door install so that you feel comfortable.
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Inside the cell put the house, where the animal can hide. You can buy in the store. Be sure to place the trays with sawdust. Animals are very clean and you don't need the entire floor filled with sawdust. Put a drinker and feeder. Running wheel is also like your dog, but don't forget to attach it to.
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