Advice 1: How to clear Windows of old paint

Before you re-paint the window frame, you must remove the old coating. Make it easy, so you have to be patient. In addition, you will need special tools and instruments.
How to clear Windows of old paint
You will need
  • - special tool to remove the paint.
  • - metal spatula;
  • - rubber gloves;
  • construction Hairdryer;
  • - crushed chalk;
  • - slaked lime;
  • - 20% solution of caustic soda;
  • - drill;
  • - nozzle in the form of a metal brush.
Use the special tool to remove the paint. It can be purchased at hardware or home improvement store. Apply the remover on the surface with a paint brush. Wait 15-20 minutes. After this time, remove the paint with a metal putty knife or other sharp object. Be careful while working with chemicals. Be sure to wear rubber gloves to protect your hands. In addition, be sure to read the enclosed user manual or consult your dealer.
Remove old paint by using building dryer. Externally this device is similar to a Hairdryer for drying hair. It is able to heat the air to about 600 C. Before you remove the paint, remove the glass. Otherwise, at high temperatures it can crack. Turn on the device and brought it to the window. After some time the paint will soften, and it can easily be scraped off the construction with a spatula. The disadvantage of this method is that the surface will have to handle small parts.
Prepare a special mixture. Take equal proportions of powdered chalk, and slaked lime. Then pour a 20% solution of caustic soda and stir with a wooden stick. So should get a soft paste. Then apply the mixture to the window frame and leave for a few hours. After this time, remove the paint with a metal spatula or sharp knife. If necessary, repeat the procedure.
Clean the window of the old paint using a drill with a nozzle in the form of a brush with metal bristles. Enable building tool and carefully apply on the surface. When finished, clean up the frame a coarse-grained emery paper. If you are not able to buy a drill, you can rent it or ask for time with friends.

Advice 2 : How to clean the window from paint

Wooden Windows over time become hard to close because of the thick layer of paint. Traces of numerous repairs do not add to the attractiveness of the window and look dirty. So fresh the paint is not swelled and does not crumble from the surface of the window frame should be processed.
How to clean the window from paint
You will need
  • a flat spatula;
  • - triangular spatula;
  • -the cycle;
  • - dryer electric;
  • - blowtorch;
  • respirator;
  • protection sunglasses;
  • - rubber gloves;
  • - dusters;
  • brush;
  • water;
  • - an organic solvent;
  • - remover.
When the work produces a lot of dry debris and sticky mud, so useful old clothing and protective gloves. Remove the window frame, carefully remove the glass and put it in a secret place for safekeeping. First remove from the frame has already peeled paint. For the removal of solid layers, use a blowtorch or Hairdryer. Soften a small painted surface with a jet of hot air. When the paint is heated, it is covered with bubbles and begins to slide off of the frame.
Accelerate, scouring flat spatula or tsiklej soft ground. Expansion joints it is more convenient to use a triangular spatula. Gradually moving along the frame, you will clean up wood entire surface. So as not to spread dirt on the frame, often remove it with a putty knife rags.
Wear protection and remove the old paint with a special remover. Apply the liquid to the painted surface by a narrow brush. Wait a few minutes. Frame begin to be covered by bubbles, and the paint will be with her sliding. Carefully remove with a spatula swollen mass. You can apply a wash again on the solid areas of paint with a thick layer. Cleaned hardwood frame flush with copious amounts of water or organic solvent. Dry, insert the glass and paint, clean surface.
The cleaning of the wooden surfaces from layers of old paint should be done not in an enclosed space and outdoors. Under thermal influence on the paint and the processing of the wash produces a lot of toxic substances. When working, protect respiratory organs, eyes and hands. Wear protective glasses, respirator and gloves.
Useful advice
Scouring the paint with tools, don't do scratches and chipping. The flaws in the wooden surface will become even more noticeable after applying the paint or varnish.
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