You will need
  • Wood (pine or even Linden or birch), impregnation, lacquer, metal finishing, joiner's workbench, square, ruler, pencil, chisel, mallet, handsaw.
Do the steering wheel. Mark and saw to pattern a workpiece thickness of four centimeters and a width of ten centimeters. Only need eight items. For steering wheel use pine.
To carpentry machine make the tenon. Proceed to the Assembly details of the steering wheel in a thorn in the PVA glue.
Mark circle with a radius of 262 mm and 307 mm, saw on the markup.
Mark twelve through-holes in the center, drill them. Carved on the arm drawing, only twelve pieces. Billet size 180х40х40мм. Then carved twelve spokes. Following the drawing, fabricate the hub.
Choose a preset size 140х140х8 mm, mm О125 mark and saw out the marking-out, two washers of the hub.
Proceed to assembling the wheel. Arms and the spokes attach into the holes of the steering wheel in the PVA glue, the base of the spokes fasten the washer with glue and screws to the hub.
Now it's time for final finishing a wheel. For decoration you can use brass or copper rivets, or other metal finishes. Be sure to cover your wheel impregnation (pick up the color of old wood), cover the product two or three layers of clear varnish.