However, there are situations when to the income statement more difficult:

  1. The company in which you work, eliminated. Typically, this situation occurs when you need to confirm income for the pension, that is from my time at the company was a lot of time. First try to find the enterprise archive, or to apply to his liquidator. If attempts to find the desired documents are not successful, the receipt of income can be established in court.

  2. You are an individual entrepreneur. In this case, proof of income replaces the tax return for the relevant period, with the mark of acceptance by a tax authority. You can also apply directly to the tax authority requesting the income statement and within 5 days they will be issued a certificate specifying the amount of income referred to in your Declaration. In some cases, data on the imputed income are not satisfied with the Bank, then the income will have to confirm other accounting documents.

Note that many scammers offer to produce fake income statement indicating any amounts of income. Of course, a large amount of income will help you to get a more substantial loan, however it should be remembered that illegal loan is a crime. To increase the amount of money there are other ways:

  1. Inform the Bank about your other income. Many banks in the loan agree to take into account the income from the rental property, concurrent employment, interest from deposits and even the income of the spouse.

  2. Contact several banks.

  3. Even in the absence of "white" wages, reflected in the income statement, there is a possibility to prove their solvency and income level. Usually this can be done by filling in a special Bank form.

  4. Confirm "black" income, it is easiest if they are regularly credited to a Bank account, for example, on a credit card. The account statement will confirm income that satisfies the Bank.