Form-2 personal income tax is the same for every employer and contains information about it, the employee's accrued monthly income, tax deductions and benefits, as well as the total amount of income for the period less allowable deductions and withholdings. This information can require different institutions and organizations, and in one case it must provide the employers and the other workers.

Employers must annually provide a certificate to the tax structure to confirm the income and paid taxes their employees. Is regulated by the Tax Code, and for breach of this provision, the Manager is accountable in the form of fines. At the same time individuals may experience situations that cannot be resolved without this document, such as a loan or a mortgage. For this, he has the right to request a certificate as many times as needed.

The expiration date of the certificate 2-pit not specified in the law, and in this regard we can conclude its indefinite nature. Because the information displayed in it, is already a fait accompli, and accrued income taxes paid cannot be changed. But different structures and organizations can set up individual expiration date, but there are basic situations in which the validity of the document is particularly important.

When considering applications for loans and loans to banks and credit organizations in the list of necessary documents includes the form 2-NDFL, and its validity is limited. The Bank may set the specific date of issuing the document and a specification of income in a given time period. There may be times when the Agency may require proof of income according to their established pattern. Making a mortgage loan, you need to confirm income for the period in the last 6 months and the validity is 30 calendar days.

In some cases, when you travel abroad and the visa the Embassy may require proof of income, reference. Time period and expiration in this case depend on the established legal norms of the country you want to visit. Therefore, to avoid any uncomfortable situations before a business trip or holiday must be confirmed by documentation in the official Embassy.