Advice 1: How to make income certificate

Certificate of income of physical persons is required in many circumstances. In particular for loans, enter the visa in the country, receiving free benefits and discounts, etc Make it at the place of work person to whom it is required. In the certificate form 2-pit reflects all income paid taxes. Some banks are willing to provide a loan according to the information written on the letterhead of the Bank. This is the case if the borrower receives a black salary and official income is very low.
How to make income certificate
To complete a certificate 2-pit the duty of the person responsible for the accounting of income and deduction of taxes, that is, the chief accountant of the enterprise or a Vice. Signs the document head. Be sure affixed the seal of the organization and shall include all information INN, who give help and organization, which certificate has been issued.
Information about the income filled in for 6 or 12 months depending on what is required to the employee. The same period is indicated in the calculation of tax assessments.
Amounts are written in precise, not abbreviated.
Filled with accurate information about the employee and the organization issuing the certificate.
If an employee works for several employers, then fill out the form 2-NDFL is required every employer.
If the income is not official, and tax contributions from income are not paid, the employer refuses to fill out an official form of certificate of income. In this case banks issue their own forms to fill out.
Income reported for a period of 6-12 months. The amount remaining after tax.
Written all the details of the recipient of help and the organization issuing the certificate.
Also indicated was an employee and was of the organization. Put the seal of the organization issued the certificate, the resolution of the head and the chief accountant of the enterprise.
Currently, the media is overflowing with announcements of assistance in obtaining certificates of income.
For the fake certificates submitted in any court, the bearer faces an administrative fine. Besides, don't forget, if you are going to receive a loan with a fraudulent certificate, the security service of the Bank first verifies the validity of the information submitted by the borrower and only after that comes the decision, will issue you a credit or refuse.

Advice 2: How to get income certificate

Income statement — a document that is required in many situations: getting a Bank loan, obtain social benefits, the relationship with the pension Fund. As a rule, to get income certificate enough to apply to the accounting of the enterprise, and it will be made quickly and without unnecessary problems for persons interested in getting help.
How to get income certificate

However, there are situations when to the income statement more difficult:

  1. The company in which you work, eliminated. Typically, this situation occurs when you need to confirm income for the pension, that is from my time at the company was a lot of time. First try to find the enterprise archive, or to apply to his liquidator. If attempts to find the desired documents are not successful, the receipt of income can be established in court.

  2. You are an individual entrepreneur. In this case, proof of income replaces the tax return for the relevant period, with the mark of acceptance by a tax authority. You can also apply directly to the tax authority requesting the income statement and within 5 days they will be issued a certificate specifying the amount of income referred to in your Declaration. In some cases, data on the imputed income are not satisfied with the Bank, then the income will have to confirm other accounting documents.

Note that many scammers offer to produce fake income statement indicating any amounts of income. Of course, a large amount of income will help you to get a more substantial loan, however it should be remembered that illegal loan is a crime. To increase the amount of money there are other ways:

  1. Inform the Bank about your other income. Many banks in the loan agree to take into account the income from the rental property, concurrent employment, interest from deposits and even the income of the spouse.

  2. Contact several banks.

  3. Even in the absence of "white" wages, reflected in the income statement, there is a possibility to prove their solvency and income level. Usually this can be done by filling in a special Bank form.

  4. Confirm "black" income, it is easiest if they are regularly credited to a Bank account, for example, on a credit card. The account statement will confirm income that satisfies the Bank.

Advice 3: How to check the certificate of authenticity

The certificate is an official document which is used when it is necessary to confirm a particular fact. Help widely distributed in the circulation and often considered as a necessary and sufficient source of information. For this reason, their falsification is a very common phenomenon. Specialist, receiving help, should be able to distinguish between a real document from a fake.
How to check the certificate of authenticity
You will need
  • help; the phone number of the person who issued the certificate
Rate the information contained in the certificate. It must contain:- the full official name of the issuing organization. If the document is prepared by an individual entrepreneur, must be mentioned his surname, first name and patronymic, as well as individual taxpayer identification number (tin);- details: date of issue and registration number;- the name of the addressee that is supposed to help, or for the purpose of issuance of certificate;- indication of the city that issued the certificate;- signature of the head of the organization or individual entrepreneur;- the seal of the legal entity or individual entrepreneur.
Please note on registration certificate: an official document must be completed accurately, correctly, without corrections. For organizations characterized by making reference on the letterhead.
Alerted if the certificate is missing required information listed in paragraph 1;- information compiled with errors, corrections, contains words and expressions that are not characteristic of the business style letter;- the name of the organization that issued the certificatepresented by the acronym without explanation;- the name and patronymic of the individual entrepreneur who issued the certificate, represented by initials, it was not specified in the text of the certificate issued by the organization and not on letterhead, no address of the organization;- a certificate from the organization, which, as you know, usually prepares the documents on letterhead, printed on a simple sheet;- certificate issued by the organization, signed not by the head of the organization, and by any other person;- the signature on the certificate looks like a stamp;- name of organization (individual entrepreneur) on the seal does not coincide with the name of the organization (individual entrepreneur) which (who) issued the certificate;- the print is faint or blurred, which makes it impossible to disassemble the text that it contains.
If you find these disadvantages, figure out which bearer certificates telephone number of the organization or individual entrepreneur who issued the certificate. You can also get a phone number yourself, contact the help Desk or using the Internet. Contact the person whose name is signed certificate and ask to confirm whether the document was issued to the bearer, and what information it contained.
If it became known that the certificate is fake, notify your supervisor.

Advice 4: How to get income certificate

Person in certain situations it is necessary to have a proof of income. Let's say he wants to get a mortgage. In the list of forms has been the document because the Bank needs to verify your ability to pay. To get it, you need to contact the accounting Department of that company, the income from which was obtained previously.
How to get income certificate
Write a letter to the head of the company. In the appeal, specify the following information: for the purpose of obtaining information (e.g. for credit); the period for which you need to obtain information about income. After that, register the application in the incoming correspondence log and give the document to the employer.
Within a certain period of time, which you can discuss with the supervisor, you will receive an income statement (form №2-NDFL). Check the correctness of its filling, it should have the name of the organization, your data, data on incomes, company seal and signatures of the employer and the chief accountant.
If the company where you worked, is liquidated, you can get help in court. For this you need to go to court with a lawsuit. In the request specify the purpose of reference, period of work in the organization. If you have supporting documents to receive wages (for example, settlement statements), attach them to the suit. You also need to provide an employment contract concluded with the employer. If these documents are not, find witnesses (former colleagues).
If you are an entrepreneur, you can get help at the tax Inspectorate in which you are registered. For this you need to write a letter (sample pick instance). After five calendar days, you will be able to get the information you need. If for any reason you do not have the opportunity to come for help, receive it in the mail. But for this you need the statement to specify the address and name of the recipient.
If someone offers you to get fake proof of income for little money, give up, because this face criminal liability.

Advice 5: The submission of information on income of physical persons under the form 2-NDFL

Standardized reference form 2-NDFL or the inquiry on incomes of physical persons is filled out and issued at the request of tax agents – those organizations where a citizen was received some income. Under current tax rules, companies with whom you have had material relations, must calculate the tax amount and submit the accounts to the tax office. The employee may also request a certificate at any time.
The submission of information on income of physical persons under the form 2-NDFL

Where you may have to submit income certificate

Certificate of income of physical persons under the form 2-NDFL may require the employee, including the one that no longer works in the enterprise in many cases. She will need at the new place of work or in the case where the tax agent, an organization where you have worked before, did not deter the amount of income taxes. This certificate will be required when you want to make the standard tax deduction, which relies, for example, children or if you are engaged in writing activities.

The submission of such information is a mandatory requirement when making large loans, especially if you want to get a loan at a lower interest rate. She may need to receive different kinds of cash payments, a pension or a visa. Proof of income is required to submit to the guardianship, if you want to adopt a child or to the court where you act as a plaintiff in a labor dispute.

How to request an income statement

In accordance with article 62 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation and paragraph 3 of article 230 of the Tax code of the Russian Federation, in your written statement the employer must give you a salary certificate within three working days. It does not matter whether you are working at the company currently or already retired, also no matter how many times you ask for similar certificates of income. The employer can issue you such a certificate at hand, but may be sent by registered mail with the enclosure list, if you prefer. In this case, to confirm the execution of your legal requirements, the employer will issue a notification stating that the package you presented. This method is more convenient for you and for the employer as it prevents issues in cases of labor disputes.

In the case where you require confirmation of income in the period during which you have changed several jobs, it is not necessary to contact all these organizations for information on form 2-NDFL. Because they are all such certificates to the tax office you can obtain information about his income for a given period of time the tax authority where you are registered at the place of residence. It's enough to write in any form a statement showing the period for which information is required, and send it to the appropriate address. Information should be provided to you within 30 calendar days from the time the application is received in the tax office.
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