You will need
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • calculator;
  • - the "Declaration" from an official site of Federal tax service of the Russian Federation (
Before making the Declaration, ensure that you get a tax deduction. For example, if you purchased a property, paid for treatment or training in educational institutions (or disabled children up to 24 years), bought expensive medicines, engaged in charity. Some of the income tax (13%) spent funds for these purposes will be returned to you by the state.
Ask your employer about the certificate of the form № 2-NDFL on the income in the year preceding the year of filing. Prepare in advance with all other necessary documents (originals and copies): passport, contract with medical, the educational institution or the contract of purchase and sale of property, receipt of payment or other documents confirming payment under the contract. For registration of a tax deduction when purchasing real estate you will also need: a certificate of state registration of the object (copy and original), act of transfer and acceptance (copy and original) certificate from the Bank about the paid percent on the credit (in the case of a loan for purchase of housing in the Bank), a copy of the loan agreement.
Contact the tax office at your residence to get the forms Declaration form No. -3 personal income tax. Fill them in accordance with samples placed at stands in tax authorities.

If at home you have a computer with access to the Internet, fill in a Declaration electronically, and then print and submit to the tax authority attaching the following documents.
To do this, go to the official website of the Federal tax service of the Russian Federation, having typed in the search box address: Download free, posted on the website of the program "Declaration" for the desired year and run it on your computer.

The program will open on the page tab called "Job conditions". Fill in the blank lines all of the requested information. If in the course of filling the form there are questions hovering the cursor over any icon, you will see the program of tips.
Next click on the tab called "Income received in Russia." Take your income statement and calculator. Summing up the income by months an accrual basis, enter the data for year, specify the source of payment.
Then go to the tab "Subtractions", enter the required standard deductions according to the income statement. Click on the button with a red "flag" on the next page, before the line "to Provide social tax deduction" (in the case of registration of social deduction), check the check box.
If you apply for a property tax deduction, under "Deductions", select the button with the picture of the house, on the next page, check the check box before the line "to Provide property deduction to build" and fill in all the necessary lines.
The top line of the program contains several tabs. Click on the tab "Check" - the program will give a hint and offer to correct the mistake (if it was allowed), Preview - you will see all the forms filled declarations that will be printed after clicking on the Print tab.