For this purpose, the report shall specify the rapidly developing events. The reporter needs to explain the dynamics of these events. If the event develops quickly, it is enough to comment on it. If it is sluggish, it is possible to add a report different facts. You can tell the backstory, to remind participants. You can also add your own experiences if you were a participant or witness to the events.
The report is most often used in television journalism. In the genre of reportage are live broadcasts, news from the event. In a television report the voice of the master or the reporter is accompanied by a picture of the events. You can interview the party or witness of the situation.
In the press reportage genre is bordered by some of the journalistic genres. In the text of the report is more descriptive. Method of monitoring and fixing its progress and results. The text should not carry complex stylistic structures, artistic techniques. But limited to the dry presentation of the facts is not necessary, because it is not a news report. Event description you can start with abstract topics indirectly associated with this event, and then a smooth transition to this news.
The text must be supported with pictures that will help the reader have a clearer picture of what is happening. The photo must sign. For example, "the President's Motorcade arrived at the orphanage of Saint-Petersburg" or "the Birthday girl got lots of flowers."