Sociological. The essay should be affected socially important topics. Supposing is juvenile crime. The author explores this issue, and essay - the result of this study. For example, the essay may include the statistics: the number of colonies for minors, the number of juvenile offenders, the number of crimes committed by teenagers. But to score the essay figures is impossible. They only give it the seriousness. A pillar for the art of storytelling.
Journalistic. It is implied that the author must rely on facts to build logical conclusions, clearly signal the author's position, that is, he works as a journalist. It is here that the broad problem of juvenile delinquency must be specified. For example, the author can explore the reasons why teenagers become criminals (dysfunctional family, lack of leisure). Maybe learn more about the mechanisms of support to adolescents in distress (helpline and their work). The author of the documentary essay as a journalist, could spend one day with an employee of the Commission on Affairs of minors. A good essayist - a great connoisseur of life.
Art. The author of the essay creates a vivid description, brings to the fore the heroes of his essay, - the most typical heroes such situations. He must identify their interaction. For example, you can describe how the inspector PDN comes in a dysfunctional family, and the child almost hate looking at an official. Whatever the parents may be, he loves them. And the world of street crime for a running teenager closer than the law. Character or situation in the essay is always subordinate to the author's task is to reflect on any issue.
Before writing an essay it is necessary to outline its structure: to identify a social problem, analyze how it is solved, to link the author's arguments with characters of the most vivid characters. That is, a composite essay should link the blurred figures of statistics with the real everyday drama, reports of the criminal chronicle from the eyes of a child whose drinking father, the court denies parental rights. Start the essay with literary sketches: "a Frail little boy in a huge canvas boots and an old jacket is at the store and begging eyes looking at passers-by buyers..." with a description of the habitat: "In this village drink too much already for thirty years...". And you can start with sociology and statistics: "the Number of village schools... ".
Experts identify up to 50 varieties of genres of genres of the essay. For example, documentary (real people in real events), fictional (the situation is typical, but the characters are fictional). Portrait means a typical representative of the environment. Through the portrait of a market trader reader gets a view of the world in which he lives. The essay can be good. It is well-known notes of hitchhikers and tourists. The essay can also be negative, and positive, where the characters are drawn, overcoming life's hardships and helping others, or companies that have found your way to prosperity. And to the author it is important to understand and convey to readers the recipe for success. The essay is so interesting that almost no limits to the imagination of the author and his curiosity.