Professionals who are familiar with the basics of color, warn that when painting the hair with a yellowish tinge in light ash blonde, your hair will acquire a greenish tint. In that case, if you paint it red or chestnut color, the effect will be the same. To avoid it, obestochte hair with a special compound – remover. For hair with intense color, natural or artificial, have to do it repeatedly with an interval of several days.
The ends of long hair, if you've painted them many times, cut so that they have the largest amount of coloring pigment and restore them to live a natural Shine would be impossible.
Pick a light ash dye prepared bleached hair. Buy it better in the professional shop. Consult your sales representative. Experts advise to choose for blonde hair dye, in whose name there is no word "ash", but on the tube the color looks so. If your hair has a warm tone, cool ash tones will suit you perfectly.
Purchase in store special shampoo for grey hair, using which you will be able to avoid yellowing painted in ashy tones hair. Use it diluted in a 1:1 ratio with your regular shampoo, my head. Ash pigments in conventional shampoos are washed out of the hair very quickly, so a special shampoo will help you maintain this shade of hair for a long time. Over time, the pigment will accumulate in the structure of the hair and the desired color will persist longer.