You will need
  • package of documents for privatization;
  • - agreement on the procedure of payment of utilities;
  • - petition of determining the order of payment of utilities by the owners of a share in the apartment court.
So, to begin with the privatization of the apartment. This requires that the Agency for privatization were all adults, registered in the apartment, or one of them with power of attorney from the others and their notarized consent to the privatization or refusal to participate in it. It will also require a warrant for the apartment, financial, personal account and excerpt from the book with certificates of change of passport data(all documents are taken in the dispensation) and the cadastral passport and explication of the apartment, make out in the BTI.
If during the period from 1991 someone living changed place of residence, will need to collect the extract from the house register for all previous places of residence and stating that there is a man in privatization was not involved.
The apartment in the joint property can be privatized only to the wife. In other cases, only possible with equity: by default, equally by the number of owners, but there is another option under the agreement participating in the privatization. Possibly, if the situation allows, it is better to allocate the share of each owner in kind (this option is for obvious reasons not suitable for one-bedroom apartments).
Then owners can enter into an agreement for payment of utilities according to the share of each and each number spelled out on their share.
If an agreement between the owners of a share does not work, is to go to court with the claim about a recognition of payment for utility services and wait for appropriate verdict and its entry into force.