You will need
  • Hydraulic cylinder from a tractor or any other, of small size, with one end plugged, and with him the removal of the oil line.
  • Epoxy resin.
  • Rope.
  • A piece of metal wire.
  • Pliers.
  • Wooden rod.
  • A piece of thick linen or cotton fabric.
  • Gunpowder smoke or a homemade mixture on the basis of sulfur, saltpeter and charcoal.
Tractor cylinder is almost ready barrel for firing a homemade cannon. Fabricate a cleaning rod. It's made from a wooden rod of suitable diameter, exactly fitting the internal diameter of the barrel. The length of the rod should exceed the length of the barrel is 0.5 m.
In a metal can pour the powder mixture. With the help of a wooden stick (e.g., branches) plug the oil inlet hole from cylinder base. Put the cylinder vertically, muzzle up and pour in it the powder mixture 1 cm above the level of the orifice of the oil nozzle. Tamp the mixture with a ramrod.
Roll into 2-3 layers of a piece or linen or cotton cloth and a cleaning rod pushed it down the barrel until it stops. Seal charge a few strokes on the cleaning rod. In this case, the piece of fabric will play the role of wad. Then pull from the oil pipe wooden plug. The gun can be considered loaded.
Of steel wire, bend the l-shaped bracket, whose short piece should be about 2 times longer than the height of the oil pipe, and slightly sharpen that part of the cone. She should be free to enter into the hole of the nozzle. The long part (70-100 cm) can be equipped with a handle in the form of loops from the same provoloki.
Before shot install cylinder inclined (about 45° to the horizon) in a safe direction, to the line of fire there were no people, animals or flammable objects. The gun can be mounted on a wooden "slingshot", is firmly driven into the ground so that the gun breech rested in part driven into the ground a wooden stake.
Short pointed end of the metal bracket, heat on the fire and quickly insert into the hole of the nozzle. In the first test gun this procedure is better done from the shelter. Cannon to make a shot, then you need to let the barrel cool down and carefully examine it for cracks, chipping and any other defects. If they are not found, you can begin to design guns. Clean and degrease the barrel.
To give a historical form gun wrap on a cylinder of a rope, impregnated with epoxy resin. So you can create decorative bulges or tides. After hardening of the resin, the resulting design treat sandpaper and paint in bronze bronze automotive enamel or bitumen varnish. The carriage of guns you can make from wood. If you plan on making the mast, that during the taping of the gun with a rope, it is recommended to consolidate and wrap more and cross the metal pipe, which will play the role of the axis of rotation.