Prepare the soil nutrient. To do this, take 2 pieces of greenhouse humus, 2 parts of a mixture of river sand and clay, which added a little bit of bird droppings. Clay can be replaced with sod the ground (good to take her out of the nettles, choosing a soil rich in nutrients). Before filling the pot with earth arrange on its bottom for drainage of expanded clay or small stones.
From the stem of roses (it is best to take the branch on which bloomed a flower) with a sharp knife or blade cut the cuttings. The cut must be a sharp corner. Make sure that on each stalk were at least 3 buds. If the stem has leaves, remove them or cut in half.
Place the cuttings on for 6 hours a solution of succinic acid or IAA, you can buy them at a flower shop (carefully read instructions). This will accelerate the germination and further rooting of the flower.
Insert cuttings at an angle in the moist earth. With your fingers push the soil around each cutting to eliminate air voids (i.e., the handle should be in the ground firmly). Cover with plastic wrap, cut plastic bottle or glass jar. Do not forget from time to time to ventilate. Watering is moderate, as the drying of the soil surface. Would be better if the period of rooting you place your landing in a darkened place.
After a few days the cuttings should appear with the young leaves. Remove the foil (bottles, jars) and put the pot on the windowsill. Keep roses out of direct sunlight. Do not rush to transplant the cuttings in other pots or in open ground in the garden. Allow them to have a good shape.