China rose does not require complex care, likes light (not direct sunlight) and moisture, to propagate Chinese rose in three ways:Propagation by cuttings with a length of 10-15 cm In the late summer cuttings of cut roses. The slicer have to do with the angle. Leave the cuttings 2-3 leaves and plant in pots with prepared soil mixture of peat and leaf soil and sand, taken in equal proportions. Cover the cuttings banks. Flowers will root in 2 weeks. This is a way to copy Chinese rose can be used in another embodiment.
Cut off a few young shoots of roses and put them in water. After waiting 2-3 weeks until the cuttings will root, boldly planted them in pots. Plants planted in this way grow slightly worse than in the first embodiment.
Propagation is air layering:This method is good because they can be propagated cuttings are not small, and large, stiff branches. By selecting a location on the branch for future roots, tear off about it all shoots. With a sharp knife, remove the bark from the branch in the form of a ring width of about 1 cm Slice anoint the growth powder. Below the treated area tied to the branch of a large piece of transparent film. You can use a band-aid or duct tape. In the film roll in the ground, well moisten with water. The upper edge of the film is also tied to the branch above cut so that it was in the ground. Always check that the ground in the bag was wet. When the lump will sprout good roots, and it will take about 2 months, carefully cut it just below the roots and plant in a large pot, warm it well.
Propagation by seeds:This method is not suitable if you want to propagate Chinese rose Terry varieties. Seeds can be stored in paper bags for about 3 years. In the spring in pots with prepared soil wisata 3-4 seed rose to a depth of 3 cm, pour. Rose seeds germinate well and do not require special care except watering.