Before you plant Chinese cabbage, it is necessary to grow seedlings. Seed germination is fairly fast, the cotyledons begin to open after four days (temperature = 20 degrees). Chinese cabbage is very sensitive to frost, but also does not tolerate intense heat, under the influence of which is formed the floral stem. Temperature optimal for the cultivation of this vegetable is about +15-20 degrees, we need a constant humidity.
Prepare the soil. Best predecessors are considered pumpkin, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, corn and onions. To obtain an early harvest, choose a site with light soil, it quickly warms up in the spring. When the ground thaws (April), Deposit tucked in the autumn of humus bed of ash and proryhlit.
Seedlings for planting should have three or four well-developed leaves and to be age two or three weeks. The distance between the seedlings should be 20-30 cm between rows and 45 cm. Feature of Chinese cabbage is considered the tendency to the disease mucous and vascular bacteriosis, especially when damage to the root system. Therefore welcome the direct sowing of seeds in the soil under plastic cover.
Care is to remove the weeds and maintaining the soil in a loose condition, irrigation should be moderate. Fertilize Chinese cabbage only once for the whole growth period of a nettle (as stinging nettle is a little older, tear it and use as a dressing).
Chinese cabbage is an early maturing culture, for growing leaf varieties in the open ground forming a rosette 40 days, headed for 60-70 days. The growth and closure of leaves, cut every other plant for daily use and preparation of healthy salads.
Whichever you choose the method of cultivation of Chinese cabbage seedling, or seed, do not wait for the final formation of the head, the appearance of stems and the beginning of strelkovanie plants. Cut the cabbages until the end of June (25-30).