You will need
  • Suiting fabric, lining fabric, interlining, zippers, buttons, sewing supplies.
Select a style of women's suitand for example, strict Trouser suit. Just define the color and texture of the fabric. It should not be too bright, but on the contrary, try to choose light and soft colors.
Buy the necessary amount of fabric for your size, and also - lining fabric, interlining, zipper, buttons, podlesice, if any, in the style.
Prepare the pattern and patterns, in turn, begin to carve out every detail of his jacket, then trousers.
Proutyuzhte all the details of his jacket and trousers, while sticking dublerin on the necessary part of a jacket and trousers. Don't forget to walk or overlock stitching, zigzag the edges of the cut parts, all necessary to ensure that the fabric does not ustraivali.
Sew all the details of the pants, vsheyte the zipper, sew the waistband and hem the bottom of pants required length.
Sew all the parts of the jacket, connecting the front and the back, sew collar sew sleeves and treat them, vacate sleeves and sew the lining to the jacket.
Sew buttons and patch pockets. Sew the bottom lining and outwrite the whole jacket.Women's costume will look elegant and refined, if it is slightly fitted. Even better would be if the buttons on the jacket and the pockets are an unusual shape or decorated with beads and stones. Addition to this suitwill be lightweight scarf, carefully tied around the neck, or jewelry that will perfectly complement your entire wardrobe, giving it a special femininity and beauty.