Let's consider the stages of production of refined oil for example sunflower oil. Manufacturing begins with the processing of raw materials. Sunflower seeds clean, dry, remove them from the shell, then crushed. The resulting product is called Matka or pulp.
There are two ways to get oil from Matki – extraction and extraction. The first method is less environmentally friendly, but oil is more. Optimum extraction.Ottimamente two method of extraction – cold and hot. Cold pressed to get oil, rich in vitamins, antioxidants. The downside of this method is that oil can get all the agro-chemicals that remain in the seeds.Hot-pressed. Before squeezing Matka heated in a roaster to a temperature of over 100 degrees (100-110) Celsius, at the same time oblasts and mixing.Next, the roasted raw material is squeezed in presses. After the hot-pressed oil has a smell of fried sunflower seeds.The pressed oil is called crude, since the finished product must be filtered and settled.Ekstragirovanie the production method of oil extraction using organic solvents (extraction gasoline). Extraction is carried out in specially extractors. After getting the oil, it advocated, filtered and sent for further processing.
Refineries of refining is a multistage process. The first stage is the removal of mechanical impurities from the product. For this purpose, filtration, centrifugation, settling. The second stage is the hydration. The process consists in treating the oil with hot (70 degree) water. After hydration, the oil becomes transparent. In the third stage to obtain a refined nodestoremove oil. To do this, the oil removes free fatty acids.The fourth level – whitening. After him, the butter acquires a light straw color, because while it gets rid of whitening pigments (including antioxidants-karotinoidov).Deodorization (next stage) removes oil from almost all the volatile compounds. As a result of the deodorizing oil gets rid of the smell.The last stage is freezing. In the process of freezing the oils are removed from plant waxes, with the consequence that the oil becomes completely transparent, almost colourless, does not have its own taste and smell.