The simplest and easiest way to sell a stroller b/u is selling through the Internet. Before you advertise, you have to remember, the more detailed it is, the more chances for a quick sale. You must describe the color, how much time was operated wheelchair, in what state it is, and do not forget to specify the manufacturer. Detailed description it is better to add pictures of the stroller in different angles. Ad is best to place on several sites.
The fastest way to get rid of a baby stroller to sell family or friends who are expecting a new baby in the family. If there are no friends, inform about upcoming sale strollers as many friends and don't forget to include all the advantages and opportunities of a stroller. This method of selling can be called "word of mouth". News of the sale will soon spread to everyone you know, and maybe there are buyers in the shortest period of time.
The following method of sale will require a small cash outlay – placing advertisement in the newspaper. It's pretty quick and efficient way to sell a baby stroller. The result will be obvious within a week. Don't forget to describe all the features and leave a phone number or address.
Surely in every city there are still consignment shops. The price is usually set by the seller shop. You leave the stroller in the store, and when purchasing a product you call thrift shop and will be invited to come for payment. However, there are consignment shops that instantly pay for the goods.