If the furniture is in bad condition, is too unpresentable appearance, and sell it does not make sense, take her to his Villa, will offer for holiday houses, friends, set to the nearest waste bin. You can put an ad in the newspaper about what you give for free the old furniture. Usually in this case the furniture quickly "goes" with it.
In the case when the furniture could have a long time to serve the new owners, it should sell at a price below the market compared to the new types of the same furniture. To sell the furniture if you contact consignment shops that sell products for home or specializing in the sale of furniture b/y.
Write the ad on a paper that sell furniture, set your phone prices on furniture units. Such a Declaration can be propagated on the computer. Ads to hang near your house, to wish to see the furniture had to go for it in remote areas of the city.
The best is to give information to the Internet on common boards with maximum people visit these sites per day. To do this, register on the web-site you have chosen, fill out the form to the website, enter the price of things and don't forget to upload to ad a photo of the furniture. In this case, it is likely that you will sell it much sooner.
Advertise the sale of furniture in the Newspapers free ads. Try the price of the furniture to make more attractive to the buyer. Then quick selling things used, you are guaranteed.
Will be correct if you hang the announcement of the sale of furniture in the suburban towns. When you open the holiday season, the likelihood is high that vacationers will gladly buy you have old furniture at an inexpensive price.
Vintage antique furniture to sell only through evaluators and owners of antique shops that will give you a reasonable price for such rare instances.