The earthy color of the face is the problem of many girls. The first cause of unhealthy grayish colorand is non-Smoking and a sedentary lifestyle, a lack of oxygen. So if you want to change for the better, you need to walk more, to walk and of course, give up nicotine. Everything else you need to rest more, to organize a peaceful, restful sleep.
There are special treatments that improve the color of the face. The most popular of them - cryotherapy, i.e. cold treatment. The essence of this procedure lies in the fact that the woman under the skin are homeopathic medicine chilled. This causes cells to be updated much faster, the skin becomes healthy bole. Along with cryotherapy it is possible to use washing with ice. Every morning massage the skin with a small piece of ice or submerge face for a few seconds in a bowl of ice water. This method is actively used by dancers of night clubs, who need to look good, but because of lack of sleep is not always possible.
If your color of face is far from perfect, be sure to use creams and lotions. Cosmetics to choose carefully, of course, better to give preference to the most natural means. Use your homemade masks. Take a bit of aloe juice and mix with chicken egg yolk, mix and apply on face, wait until dry and rinse with warm water. Also very effective mask based on carrot. Mix grated carrot with egg white, add a little starch, mix well, apply on face for 20 minutes, then rinse with water a comfortable temperature.
If you're used in anything does not deny, the massage facial, SPA treatments and acupuncture for you. Another very popular mask to improve colorand face among a wealthy population is a mask of black caviar. It is quite effective, the skin after such a mask not only becomes the perfect color, but also smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.
And of course, use decorative cosmetics. Concealer will help you hide flaws and give skin a more healthy appearance.