You will need
  • - black tea,
  • - puff or cotton wool,
  • - small container for brewed tea.
Brew strong tea in a porcelain dish. Let stand until warm. Take for each eye separate the cotton or sponge and soak them in the tea solution. Before wash the eyes the tea, take precautions, as the tea is able to resistant to staining fabrics, and accidentally spilled a drop can be harmful.
Bend over a washbasin or bath. With cotton wool soaked in tea, swipe from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner. Repeat different cotton swab several times. The tea, got it in the eye, tilt the head to one side. Do not wipe dry with cotton wool is not only no effect, but even more will cause eye irritation. After washing, Pat the skin around the eyes with a paper towel. This method of cleansing the eyes tea is suitable for inflammation of the conjunctiva and of the eye becomes a foreign body.
Eye wash is also suitable capacity, filled with tea. Hold it close to your eye and try to blink at them in the tea solution. This method is effective when injected into eyes of dust, sand, lint and other foreign substances.
Swelling of the eyes caused by fatigue, it is possible to remove a freshly brewed and cooled tea. Take a comfortable position, reclining, soak the sponge in a cool brew black tea (can be mixed with green tea), and apply for a few minutes on closed eyelids. Ensure that the eye muscles were relaxed. For this purpose you can use ready-made tea bags soaked in hot water and then cooled. However, the truly healing properties of traditionally brewed tea.