Holes, in General, is also need different. To hang on the wall of concrete or brick shelf, or watch, in most cases this will be a hammer drill with a concrete drill bit of the desired diameter. Alternatively, you can use a drill and the appropriate drill, but not every house you can find such a tool. Similar hole drilling easier, and this little one is having problems.
But for the laying of utilities (pipes, cables, etc.) through the wall may need holes of sufficiently large diameter. If the wall is of brick or concrete, without a good punch to them. And still need a special drill for drilling of concrete slabs and the understanding that if you need a hole with a diameter greater than 20 mm, one drill is not enough. For example, to obtain a hole of 30 mm or more, need to go through the wall drill a smaller diameter, and large, then expand the hole to the desired size.
In the case of wooden walls is also not easy. Drilling through these walls can only be special drill for wood, and also to follow the principle that the larger hole is obtained by extending smaller. Depending on wall thickness and hole diameter, drilling can drill with mode drill, or normal drill, if you manage to find her a suitable drill.