You will need
  • You will need to fill out a form, make 4 pictures, have internal Russian passport and a copy of receipt for payment of registration fee, old passport.
To obtain a passportand old style with the immigration Department website of your city you can download the application form. Carefully fill it in by hand in block letters or fill it in on the computer and then print. The completed questionnaire should be verified at the place of work, it shall bear the stamp of your organization and signature of the head.
Photo taken in the photo Studio, tell me what you need photos for passport and make 4 pics.
In any nearest branch of the savings Bank will pay the state fee.
All the documents take them to the migration office of your city. The documents you will accept service and will give you a voucher with a specific serial number.
Passport of the old sample will be ready in a month. To find out about his willingness you'll need or call the Department of the migration service or to visit the website of this organization and to enter into the field your order number (which you gave when submitting documents). A second later, the system will give you response – ready your passport or not.