Remember, do not use a pacifier when the baby is cranky or crying. In such situations it is better just to distract the game or business. Let the house initially will have only one dummy, and use it only during sleep child.

The first interesting method of parting with the pacifier. Tell your child about the shop where you can buy any toy for the nipple. Pre-persuasion of the seller and go to the store with the child. Let the child choose a toy and give the cashier the nipple.

Another way is to invite guests familiar with a very small child or talk with a young mother with a child in a wheelchair. At the meeting, let your child give the baby a pacifier. In advance, talk to your child that he became an adult and needs to give his pacifier to someone else is it. It is desirable that in exchange for the pacifier your child gets any toy. Make sure in advance.

Another option is to put a pacifier in the flower pot. Prepare yourself for that ritual thoroughly. Let the child himself will drop the nipple into the hole and buried. Tell me, what if he put a pacifier, then he's in for a surprise. In a few days instead of a pot of teat put some flower with large branches in the same pot. And let times a week on this flower or near it, candy, fruit, small toys. This will delight your child.

And, encourage your child to drink from a Cup. If you wean a child from nipples, no bottle with a nipple should not be.