Advice 1: How easy it is to wean a child suck a pacifier

The child should wean from the nipple in 11-12 months, intensive language development. Offer you several methods of weaning the child from the nipples that it will not injure.
How easy it is to wean a child suck a pacifier

Remember, do not use a pacifier when the baby is cranky or crying. In such situations it is better just to distract the game or business. Let the house initially will have only one dummy, and use it only during sleep child.

The first interesting method of parting with the pacifier. Tell your child about the shop where you can buy any toy for the nipple. Pre-persuasion of the seller and go to the store with the child. Let the child choose a toy and give the cashier the nipple.

Another way is to invite guests familiar with a very small child or talk with a young mother with a child in a wheelchair. At the meeting, let your child give the baby a pacifier. In advance, talk to your child that he became an adult and needs to give his pacifier to someone else is it. It is desirable that in exchange for the pacifier your child gets any toy. Make sure in advance.

Another option is to put a pacifier in the flower pot. Prepare yourself for that ritual thoroughly. Let the child himself will drop the nipple into the hole and buried. Tell me, what if he put a pacifier, then he's in for a surprise. In a few days instead of a pot of teat put some flower with large branches in the same pot. And let times a week on this flower or near it, candy, fruit, small toys. This will delight your child.

And, encourage your child to drink from a Cup. If you wean a child from nipples, no bottle with a nipple should not be.

Advice 2: How to wean from the nipple baby

There is nothing unusual in the fact that the baby gets used to some kind of Comforter, such as a nipple, which plays a very important role in the first year of baby's life. But in a certain period of time parents begin to embarrass their grown toddler still sucking on a pacifier. There are several ways to help the child to wean from it.
How to wean from the nipple baby
Keep in mind that the child is ready to part with the pacifier for 6 to 8 month of his life. But most parents miss the moment when the baby starts to spit out the pacifier and learn to fall asleep without it. Of course, no need to throw it on the same day as the need for it, the infant is still great. Just take the pacifier away from the baby, so as not to tempt him.
Autocyte child from the nipples gradually. Try to reduce the duration of use of the pacifier. Offer it less and less until it will appear only during the day and night. Next, let's pacifier only at night, and then refrain from its use.
Help your child to master the sippy cups with a straw or Cup. And the food is serve in a bowl or plate. Thus the child will forget the bottle, which somehow reminds him of the pacifier.
Do not give baby a pacifier themselves. Let it only in the case when the child persistently asks for a pacifier.
Cut the dummy. And when the child begins crying and asking "suck", explain to him that sometimes things break and become irrelevant. He grew up and could do without the nipples. Emphasize the fact that the baby was large and independent, and pacifier only need a small children who can't walk. While your child doesn't understand what's in store, you can easily purchase a new pacifier, and quickly lose interest in the "bad".
If the child doesn't need the pacifier during the day, but it would be hard to sleep, try replacing the pacifier favorite doll or soft toy. First, let the baby sleep in the company of both.
Try to negotiate with the baby if you wean him from the nipple in a relatively conscious age. The decision to part with his beloved dummy, he must take himself.
Put the toy baby in the available space. Give him the opportunity to explore different subjects, to draw and to sculpt when he wants to. So the child is maximally distracted from pacifiers.
Useful advice
For weaning baby from the pacifier child psychologists and doctors recommend to choose a stable and calm period of a child's life – because he will first parting with the subject-a Comforter, a subject-another.

Remember that after years the process of parting with a pacifier will be more painful. And it can become psychologically difficult for the crumbs and for parents.

Never deprive a baby pacifier force. And not pretend can't find her in time, when the child is anxious and he asks to give him back the pacifier.

Advice 3: How to wean a child sucking tongue

The child is born with a strong sucking reflex. If the baby can not satisfy it via the nipple or the breast, he subconsciously begins to look for alternative options - the sucking of the tongue or finger.
How to wean a child sucking tongue

Why a child sucking tongue

A child is born with a strong sucking reflex, which not only helps to make the food, but also relieves the pain of teething, calming. Kids who have early weaned, and for some reason deprived of the nipples, often prone to bad habits such as sucking of the tongue or finger. The kid does it unconsciously, often just before bedtime. Parents often worry that a bad habit the baby will not eventually disappear, and will only get worse. It happens that the child continues to suck the tongue in kindergarten and school. To prevent this, you need to help to get rid of it as soon as possible.
To wean a baby sucking tongue, in any case can not beat him on the mouth, curse in front of strangers. It may have a negative impact on a child's psyche and to develop an inferiority complex.

How to wean sucking tongue baby

Infants often fully satisfy their sucking reflex. But children who from birth were transferred to artificial feeding, usually need the nipple. Experts say that it does not affect the development of the speech apparatus, and therefore absolutely harmless. If parents notice that a newborn is sucking the tongue before bed or during the day, they can safely offer him a pacifier. As long as its size and shape fully meet the baby. 5-6 months, babies begin to erupt first teeth to ease the pain crumbs and wean him from the addiction, you can use rubber teethers with a special cooling liquid. The baby's mouth will be busy with an interesting new toy, so the need for the sucking of the tongue will disappear by itself.
The baby sucks the language of the unconscious, it allows him to feel protected, as if it is at my mother's breast.

How to wean suck language student

If the child is not weaned from a bad habit before going to kindergarten or school, to get rid of it will not be easy. Parents need to notice when the baby starts to suck the language when nervous, think about something, sleep, etc. In these moments to offer alternative employment, for example, to sort in hand couple, or roll balls. As soon as the adults see that the baby was going to suck the language, you need to immediately nail him, not focusing on this. A great option would be an exciting joint activities – reading, rhythmic games, jumping rope, etc. the Child will be easier to get rid of bad habits if he is to feel concern, love and support of parents.
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