We are talking about a specific point in the Treaty - fees for maintaining a Bank account, which is illegal. When you take out a Bank loan, open an account, not to transfer the funds to withdraw them from it, get some profit, etc. That is, the Bank no effort on maintaining your accounts is not made. And the amount, but sometimes that puts significant. For example, when the payment is 3500 rubles a month payment for account maintenance may be 2500 rubles per month. The amount of the fee depends on loan amount and Bank's policy.

The money you paid for the account management, you can return legally. The first thing to do is contact the centre on return of the Bank commissions. There are professionals who already have experience in such matters. You can also turn to a lawyer friend or a lawyer - he, too, can help, but there is a caveat: he may not have experience in these matters, and the court will infinitely return the documents for revision, and he will not be able to help you "knock out" money from the Bank while specialized centers do it. You write the power of attorney to this case, and in six months forget about everything - then everything will be done by the lawyers. Minus the work of these centers and their services a bit more expensive than the services of lawyers. Although the legal costs the court will also return, but not completely.

Anyway, the first thing you should start is to contact the centre on return of the Bank commissions for advice. Generally, it's free. The Manager will tell you, can have something to return or the deadline has passed, and almost exactly calculate the amount you can request from the Bank. And I must say, how much it will cost them a return service the money. You'll be able to decide to take the case or not. If so, you will have to pay for the cost of examination and take the notary a power of attorney for center for return of the Bank commissions. Examination period is approximately 10 days. Then you will call and say that the case went to the course and have to pay for the services of the center. The cost of the service depends on the amount of return - the greater the return, the greater the cost of lawyers ' work.

Then you need to wait. While a letter demanding the refund will go to the Bank until a month later, the Bank will respond before the case goes to court and the judge will appoint the date of the meeting, to be held approximately 4 months. Then there will be a preliminary hearing, and then a meeting. If the Bank representative does not have to - the meeting will take. All this time, you can call and see how moving your business. But sooner than 6 months to get your money back is unlikely to succeed - this is the procedure.

But here comes the long awaited moment when the lawyer calls you and says that the case is resolved in your favor that the demand letter to refund the money left in the Bank, and that in a month you can check your card or Bank account. You can then go again in the same organization and write a statement about the return of court costs. Just start the whole procedure with the court, and then you return some of the money that you spent on payment of services of the centre. The amount depends entirely on the judge's decision .

In this case, there are some nuances: the Bank may offer to settle and want to return only the amount for maintaining a Bank account, or begin to appeal to the conscience and to say, "you've used that money". Note that the court, as a rule, returns and even interest for the use of the money, and it's pretty significant. Also don't fall for the banks is that want to take credit, they give loans without payment of the accounts. Now you already know that they just started to enforce the law, because they had to return many people illegally selected at them money.