Start planning your wedding well in advance. Thorough scenario development will help you to appreciate their desires and to give up many unimportant expenses, the necessity of which is imposed by the traditions or beliefs of friends. Wedding is one of the most important family events, so to prepare it you need, starting not only from the desire to save money, but also from their own ideas about this holiday.
Try not to spend a large amount of money on wedding suits. Dress and clothing of the groom will likely be wearing once in your life, so you can think about buying outfits with it. However it is not advisable to take a wedding dress rental, because then you probably will have to pay for subsequent cleaning. Bridal bouquet and boutonniere for the groom can be ordered at a flower shop that will be cheaper than purchasing these accessories in the Bridal salon.
Talk to your friends, maybe some of them will agree to provide personal cars for a wedding convoy. This will save not only on transport but also on the services of a driver. However, be prepared for the fact that gasoline will have to buy at their own expense. Don't forget to decide this question in advance and to have extra options, not to be in a difficult situation, if someone of the drivers appear urgent matters.
Consider several candidates of his close friends, who would be able to assume the duties of toastmaster. Not only will this reduce the wedding budget, but also give you the opportunity to enjoy the feast prepared for you with love, avoiding the standard and common jokes and competitions.
Choosing the location for the celebration, not necessarily to enjoy a fancy restaurant. You can do a small café or canteen of any local companies. In this case, you will be able to purchase food and beverages in hypermarkets and wholesale stores at a reasonable price. Keep in mind that cooking a holiday dinner is better to entrust the relatives and invited friends, or the bride in your wedding day will be completely exhausted.
You can save considerably on the services of a photographer, if you contact their friends with professional technique for shooting. If you do not have friends, make thorough study of local sites and forums. Many photographers offer a free survey to fill up our portfolio. In such cases it is necessary to pay only for the film.