You will need
  • - sponge; - brush; - lemon juice; - baking soda; detergent; water.
To the knives of the mixer often stick pieces of products that can be very difficult to clean. To remove these stains, pour into the jug of the appliance hot water, add a little soda. Turn on the mixer at maximum speed due to the rapid rotation of the knives they washed away the dried dirt and remnants of food. After that, drain the water and rinse the bowl.
For cleaning the interior surfaces of the microwave, put in microwave container with water, diluted lemon juice. Turn on microwave for 10 minutes in medium waves. Evaporating the liquid will dissolve dried-on dirt and will remove it without extra efforts.
The removable parts of the gas stove (grates, burner rings) soak in warm water with a few drops of detergent. After go over them with a sponge using mild cleaning gel.
The surface electric stove-metal is difficult to clean out the burnt spots. Squeeze over the juice of half a lemon and leave for a while. Then wipe with hot water – stains will not remain and a trace.
Stuck inside and dried waffle crumbs can be easily removed. Wait until the metal parts to cool down. Then pour on the grooved surface some soapy water and gently wipe them with a soft toothbrush.
If your toaster no sliding tray for bread crumbs, clear the device as follows. Turn on the toaster three times the maximum mode and the crumbs will burn. Then flip the unit and just shake all that was left inside.