You will need
  • Wheat 150-200 g
Begin to grow wheat for 9-10 days before Easter. Carefully inspect the beans and remove is not ripe, damaged or with signs of disease, remove the debris. Rinse them in plenty of boiled water at room temperature and place in a clean container. To grow Wheatgrass, use a glass, enamel or porcelain, aluminum containers cannot be used. Pour grain water having a temperature of 20-22oC to her level was at a 5-6 cm above the level of the grain. Leave the grains for one night in water.
In the morning drain and rinse again slightly swollen grain in boiled water at room temperature. Take a deep porcelain bowl or tray and lay on her bottom wet gauze in two layers. On top lay grain, evenly distribute them on the bottom of the bowl. Layer bean must not be thicker than 2-3 cm Over beans, place one folded piece of damp cheesecloth.
Wheat should always be wet, so gauze constantly moisturize. Grains themselves every 6-8 hours, rinse with cold boiled water slightly and ventilate them for 10-15 minutes. Then re-lay and cover with a damp cloth. Repeat the rinsing and airing until until the grain will not appear sprouts.
Take a beautiful dish put on the bottom of the ground, slide it with sprouted grains of wheat and gently pour the mixture, put the plate on the window. When the sprouts will begin to reach toward the light, rotate the dish around its axis to a blade of grass grew right. For Easter you have your plate is green, sprouted wheat, which will be the basis of your "Easter."