You will need
  • Installed WinRAR
To make a portable version of the programyou will need installed on your system the WinRAR archiver. Go to the working folder of the program, select all the files and using the context menu on right-click, select "add to archive...".
Further action will take place in the opened WinRAR window, which is called "Name and parameters of the archive. On the General tab, select the maximum compression method files. In the right part of the window, place a checkmark next to "Create SFX archive" and "Create solid archive". To make a portable version of the program with different from the application name, change the destination file name by typing it into the appropriate field.
Go to the "Advanced" tab and click "SFX Options". In the resulting advanced settings window on the General tab, specify path for unzipping – "Create in current folder". In the "Run after extraction", type the name of the main executable program with the extension *.exe. Go to the tab "Mode", check the box next to "unpack to temporary folder". Specify the mode of the information – "Hide all". On the tab "Text and graphics" optionally specify a logo and icon for the final SFX file. Other parameters leave unchanged.
Click OK in both Windows settings. Will start data compression and archive creation. Portable version of the program will be located in the working directory of the main application. Going into it, inspect the generated files. Run it. If all the options and settings have been met right, you will see the usual main window of the application. Thus created portable version of the program can be copied to a flash card and run on other computers.