The pros of natural childbirth after caesarean section

Natural childbirth is considered safer for mother and child, while the second operation adds a cesarean section postoperative complications.

The maximum number of births by caesarean section three. When natural childbirth is possible the birth of almost any number of children.

After vaginal birth, the woman comes back to normal much faster, is not disrupted menstrual function.

During natural childbirth, the baby produces the stress hormone, which helps to quickly adapt to environmental conditions.

Indications for repeat cesarean section

However, the inferiority of the scar on the uterus, longitudinal section, a narrow pelvis and its deformation, traumatic brain injuries, diabetes, retinal detachment, multiple pregnancy, transverse position of the fetus, placenta previa and other diseases natural childbirth after cesarean section is contraindicated. This issue was considered by the attending physician.

Complications of natural childbirth after caesarean section

Vaginal birth after cesarean section can be complicated. Main – the rupture of the uterine scar. Therefore, before deciding on the mode of delivery of the seam is necessarily researched on the ultrasound.

How to prepare for natural childbirth after cesarean section

In order to be able to give birth vaginally, a woman needs after the first caesarean section to comply with all recommendations of the doctor to form a complete scar. Before planning a new pregnancy surveys may be needed. It is important that the uterine scar was almost unnoticeable and formed from muscle tissue.

The optimal interval between births should be 2-3 years. Early childbirth can provoke the rupture of the scar but also to delay the birth of a second child after cesarean section should not be.

How undergo natural childbirth after cesarean section

Scenario vaginal birth after cesarean section is the same as in normal natural childbirth: labor, the attempts, the birth of the placenta. However, a woman is desirable to be hospitalized in advance to survey the uterine scar.

Medical supervision should be increased, when complications of the caesarean section performed urgently. Redistillate during childbirth after cesarean section is not carried out, undesirable, and anesthesia, not to miss the pain when rupture of the scar. Do not push and put pressure on the stomach.