You will need
  • Polish;
  • - sponge;
  • water;
  • - gloves;
  • - toothpaste.
To start glue masking tape the body around the headlights. This is to ensure that when polishing not to damage the paint on cars. Place under the tape, you can spread with butter, and when removing it is not the tears along with the paint.
Wet sandpaper needs to be sanded surface of the headlight, removing all scratches and chips. Once the plastic surface of a headlight will become Matt and smooth, wipe it with a dry cloth or air dry. Base is ready for polishing.
Polishing sponge must be rinsed under running water to her there was not a single grain of sand! Then press the sponge, but not completely, but only so that there was no visible water drops.
Apply wax to the headlamp or sponge; if convenient, may be applied to different places lights one drop. Importantly, the Polish was not too much. Slow circular motions, pressing lightly on the sponge, and begin polishing. The sponge has to be wet, so it does not dry up and does not scratch the surface. Watch carefully below the surface lights did not get sand or dust.
As soon as all the wax will disappear, rinse the headlight and dry. If the surface you will notice a frosted spots, again Polish of this place. If the headlight shines like new - get to finely polishing abrasive Polish. It is used for the same technology as the main Polish. After it also be sure to rinse the headlight with water.
Some motorists suggest polishing the headlights with toothpaste. The technology is the same. To smear, RUB and rinse. Only apply a small amount, because they can be unsightly white flakes.