You will need
  • - meat broth,
  • - potatoes,
  • - sorrel,
  • egg
  • green onions.
Cook meat broth. For this fit chicken breast, beef or pork bone. Simmer at least 40-60 minutes, don't forget to add the Bay leaf, whole onion, pepper and salt to taste. Sieve the broth.
Peel three or four potatoes, cut them into small cubes and throw into the broth. Fresh sorrel loop, having eliminated a speck of dust and blade of grass, and rinse thoroughly under cold running water. Put a bunch of sorrel on a cutting Board and cut into thin strips, as finely chop a bundle of green onions washed.
Let simmer broth with potatoes 5-8 minutes. Now you can throw the sorrel and onions. Season with salt and add a teaspoon of sugar. Five minutes after the pan can be removed from the fire, but not before the green soup should be a thin trickle pour in the beaten egg (or two). Leave the lid stew the soup for 10 more minutes. For taste, you can add cut dill or celery.
For children green soup can be cooked with grated sorrel. To do this, sorrel should also sort and rinse, then pour over boiling water and put in a mesh colander. Put under the colander deep bowl and mash it sorrel. So drop out the cuttings from the leaves and you will get a sorrel puree. Pour the puree into the broth.