You will need
  • A piece of cardboard A4, pencil, ruler, scissors, glue
To begin, select the size of your future of Cuba. For example, at its base may be square size of 6x6 cm or less. In this case, for making Cuba you will get the usual dense sheet of A4.
Take a pencil and a ruler – using these tools, you can build a scan cube. It should consist of six squares connected in the shape of a cross. Place the sheet vertically to start a scan, digressing a little from the top edge of the sheet. To avoid confusion, look at figure.
Build the first cell of the selected size. Then strictly under it, draw another square so that one face they had in common. Figure the square marked with the number 3. Now on the right, left and bottom of this square, draw another one. Finally, the last square (number 6) draw under the bottom of the already constructed.
The squares numbered 1, 2 and 4 draw a small valve, which will further help to sweep glue from the finished figure. One valve position over the top face of the first square (that is what was left the place at the edge of the sheet) and another six near all the free faces of the two side squares.
Now take the scissors and carefully cut out the resulting scan path.
With the ruler you can bend the scan lines. To start, fold all the flaps up, and then lift the squares numbered 1, 2, 4 and 5. The sixth square should be at the very top is a "lid" of the cube.
Take the glue, they miss all the valves and connect them with neighboring faces on the inside. Your cube is ready!