You will need
  • Household dosimeter
  • Federal law "On radiation safety of population" dated 1996
  • Sanitary rules "radiation safety Standards
If you have suspicions that the house was lost somewhere radioactive source – contact the station level. For radiation safety is watching this organization, and experts that should be all the necessary equipment to conduct a comprehensive survey of housing. A survey of the better order complex because, in addition to radioactive sources, the unit can be extremely unpleasant phenomenon. For example, chemical pollution, noise space, vibration and so on.
If suddenly in the station did not have the necessary equipment – please contact the state environmental inspection. If in your community it is not – then the nearest environmental organization. In such cases, the equipment is found there more often than in medical institutions, so the chances of success more. Unfortunately, such organizations are not everywhere, and in a remote little village they might not be.
Not getting the desired result in the sanitary and epidemiological service and ecologists handle the case themselves. For this you will need a personal dosimeter. It can be purchased on the electronic market or, for example, via the Internet. The dosimeter should be believed. The documentation must be properly stamped on calibration and date.
Carefully read the instructions. How many types of counters – so many ways to work with them. Meticulously following the instructions, measure the radiation in different parts of the room. As a rule, required to press the button and watch the display to determine how the level of radiation corresponds to the standards. Divide the apartment into squares 1х1м and check each square. If it is found exceeding the standards specified in the documents, check on this site every subject. Finding the source of contamination, leave the room and call the experts from the local management on Affairs GO and CHS.