As the primary tool, use citrus fruits. Take half a lemon or a quarter of the grapefruit, squeeze the juice. Apply it on your hands and wear rubber gloves for literally three minutes. After time rinse the skin with cool water.

If the nails don't want bleached, saturate a cotton ball in the citrus juice and carefully wipe the surface of the plates. You can also just slice the fruit and dip your fingers into the juicy pulp for a few minutes.

Now move on to moisturizing. To do this, take 2 tablespoons of olive oil, add the capsule of vitamin E and stir. Apply to hands, RUB and put on cotton gloves.

The procedure is best done before bedtime, when the accelerated processes of tissue regeneration. If you regularly resort to this method, your skin will be fresh, plump and hydrated. No work in the garden will not impose a mark. Remember that in the woman all should be perfect, especially the hands, which were always in sight.