Where to begin such communication?

Partners need to communicate politely, to call a person by name or by name and patronymic. The conversation should not start with his problem, which, of course, very important to you, but with a certain neutral topics, for example, throw a couple of sentences about the weather, economic situation etc.

Personal and business qualities, who is negotiating

Whoever negotiates must possess certain qualities: patience, tact, diplomacy and calmness. Also, be aware the volume of his voice, do not speak too loud, but not whisper.

Nor should we say a lot of compliments, they must be maintained and pleasant to the person who hears them. You can mark a business suit the other person, but it is not necessary to discuss the haircut or style to tie a tie.

What not to do.

It is impossible for the negotiations to say words like: "no", "not possible", "never" etc. These words are too categorical for negotiations, which always requires the ability to compromise.

Impolite to ask partner. You also cannot use a large number of slang words, because they may not understand your interlocutor.

What you should remember?

It should be remembered that all agreements come into force only at the moment of their fixation on paper and their signature.

And most importantly, never promise your interlocutor what you cannot perform, otherwise you lose your business credibility.

Also remember that you should not give people unreasonable expectations. Please be moderately intelligent and honest, and you will succeed.

Thus, we see that business negotiation is a complicated undertaking. But their success will more than cover all your troubles and costs.