You will need
  • Copper wire, nitric acid, a product of gold, the product of bronze, hot water, salt, steel rod, measuring thermal conductivity
Copper is easy to distinguish by their appearance. She has a reddish pink color and is very plastic.
Distinctive pinkish copper color
If you leave the copper wire for a long time under the open sky, you can see the discoloration.With long-term atmospheric impacts of copper is covered with a greenish film of patina. It protects the metal from corrosion.
The patina on the decoration of the fence. Italy
How to distinguish copper from bronze. Need to clean up small surface alleged copper wire and bronze, then water the bare area with hot salted water. Copper will acquire a darker shade.
Details of copper combined with bronze
How to distinguish copper from gold. If you put copper wire in nitric acid, it is completely dissolved. Nitric acid will acquire a greenish tint.
The copper in the flask with nitric acid
How to distinguish copper from the steel. Copper features high conductivity. To see this, it is necessary to heat the copper wire and the steel rod and compare the results with the help of conductivity meter.
A device for measuring thermal conductivity