Let's start with the fact that the diplomas of Russia in Italy are not listed. Therefore, even with higher education, you are unlikely to offer there to work. For women ? it's basically a nanny or caregiver, for men ? physical work such as porter, porter, etc. Thus, without connections or special reason for the trip, coming to live in Italy, you will see not from the life of the migrant worker.
Another thing ? to marry a Italian man or to marry an Italian. In this case, you can still refuse a visa. Application design always can be submitted at the Embassy in Moscow.
The most optimal solution ? to acquire a visa for their studies. But you of course need knowledge of the language.
As in other countries, in Italy there are many programs for students, schoolchildren and workers.
For example, if you plan to work in this country, go to any international company, fill in the form, send a request and wait. If the employer is interested in your offer, it may contribute to the clearance of your documents. In this case you will be given a visa for work that will have to extend in Russia at the end.
Having relatives in Italy, you would not be difficult to obtain a residence permit and move there whole family.
In order to miss nothing, to properly execute the documents, to obtain permission and a visa, contact the experts. Legislation on travel abroad and entry into European countries is constantly changing. And only experts will be able to describe your chances and opportunities.