The contents of excise stamps

All alcoholic product that is imported into the territory of Russia, celebrated the brand name of the excise type that is designed for labeling of alcohol-containing liquids. Imposed these excise marks were in circulation in 1994, and today have an established shape, form and size 90 by 26 millimeters.

In fact, the transcript of the excise tax is not required. All information on the stamp written in Russian and has understandable contents. For example, on stamps of the excise type for alcohol can be placed such labels as "Alcoholic production from 9 to 25 percent", "Alcoholic production over 25%", "Wine", "sparkling Wine", "Natural wine".
Excise document tax, i.e. certifying the payment of the established in the country collection for sale any type of goods.

On the excise stamps of the type with the written text "Alcoholic production over 25 percent," is the inscription indicating the maximum volume of the bottles intended for sale of this type of alcohol. It is located next to the room of the excise tax. This inscription can be represented in this form: "100 grams", "half a liter, and one liter, greater than 1 litre". The stamps intended for drinks with a lower percentage of alcohol, the designation of the maximum volume of the box is missing.

Mandatory excise stamps are such inscriptions as "Excise" and "Russian Federation", they indicate that the goods have been registered, and the manufacturer or importer has paid the prescribed fees.
Excise taxes in Russia are set for alcohol, cigarettes Tabacalera previously had stamps for sugar, shag and even pepper.

The color of excise stamps

New types of view brands are made in different shades. Brands of a type of beverage with the lowest alcohol content have a design in red and grey colors. Alcoholic products with the highest percentage of alcohol have brand orange-pink color. Green-purple color used for excise labels. Sparkling wine has a yellow-green tint brand.

The excise Marche there is a bar code with 13 digits. They have their value, which characterizes the manufacturer, the importer and inspector of the party in the country. Countries that supply alcohol products have their own serial numbers, which are applied at the beginning of the barcode.

About the bar code printed numbers indicating the original number of excise. They are applied using inkjet printing type. All the numbers are in order, and their location depends on the volume of the container and percentage of alcohol content in different types of alcoholic products.

Brands type manufactured from self-adhesive paper. For lettering, you use a special paint which does not tarnish and lubricated, besides it has a specific glow that changes colour depending on the angle. This is necessary in order to avoid counterfeiting.