First of all, check with functional responsibilities for the position you plan to take in the company. Perhaps they will be slightly different from what you had to do on previous work. It is also advisable to get acquainted with the job description.

As a potential employee, pre-collect information about the company, read its history and activities, and the interview ask clarifying questions. It will be further evidence of your interest in the work and increase the chances to occupy the proposed post.

Ask whether the vacancy for which you are applying, new or opened in connection with the dismissal of the previous employee. In the latter case, find out the reasons for the departure of the person who held this position previously.

The next important point that should be clarified during the interview – the opportunity for career growth, training, professional development and other prospects. This question speaks to the dedication of the candidate, which qualifies him in the eyes of the employer.

Ask what problems need to be addressed in the proposed post and what results will you have to wait. Learn about the possible difficulties and pitfalls that can occur in the process.

Be sure to find out whether the position of travel, the need to work overtime and to implement additional projects. Ask questions about the mode of the day: if normalized working day in the Department, what time employees come and go as often delayed, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Remuneration for work is very important, but ask about it in the beginning of the conversation undesirable. After the employer will appreciate your awareness and interest in cooperation with the company, specify what will emerge from the wages, in what way and in what terms the payment is made, do the necessary deductions in the budget and extrabudgetary funds.

Ask whether there is a possibility of receiving bonuses, awards, incentives and penalties. Find out whether a company is "social package": a paid-up policy of voluntary medical insurance, free meals, interest-free loans, vouchers to sanatoriums and health camps, the payment of a kindergarten, a gym membership or pool, etc.

Ask a potential employer a lot about relationships in the group, adopted the dress code, communication style, corporate culture. Do not forget to explore the future workplace. At the end of the interview ask the employer when you will be able to learn about the taken against you decision.

However, there are a number of issues which may harm the applicant, therefore, ask them not worth it: home (is where the Smoking room where to warm up food as the food in the dining room) when you go on vacation, is it possible to set individual work schedule, etc., as well as personal questions about themselves. All these details you will know after you will sign employment contract.

Remember: the worst case is if the applicant doesn't ask questions at all, which is perceived as a lack of interest in the work itself, to the company in General and jobs in particular. With high probability such a candidate for the vacant position will not be considered, therefore, going to the interview, armed with a list of points of interest and ask about them to a potential employer.