To store raspberries harvested seperately and healthy berries in a small container (box, bucket or basket), put in a cold place. When buying berries, you should pay attention to their appearance: they must be the same size, dry and not crushed. Stored raspberry fresh a short time – five to seven days, it is not recommended to keep the berries in a container or jar, pour them into a wide dish, cover with a cloth and refrigerate. Near the berries should not coexist with a strong smelling products because raspberry has the ability to quickly absorb odors. Wash the fruit immediately before use.

The easiest, almost all affordable method of preserving raspberries – drying. For starters, the berries need a little podvyalit in the sun, and then pour on a sieve a thin layer of three inches and dried in an oven. Blackened berries toss the raspberries if dried properly, the berries will turn a slightly greyish colour with a fragrant smell (should not stain your hands). You can purchase a special device for drying berries, apples and mushrooms.

To preserve raspberries can be subjected to the freezing process, the berries retain nearly all of their useful properties. Prepare ripe, but not overripe berries of medium size. They should not be any damage and foreign bodies – web, traces of bruising and crimson bugs. The fruit must be absolutely dry. Gently pack the raspberries in cellophane bags and sealed the edges with iron through a layer of fabric. You can put berries in containers with tight fitting lids.

During heat treatment raspberry able to maintain most of the beneficial properties so it jams and jams, make jelly and marmalade. And you can just grind the berries with the sugar, folded in a glass jar and store in the fridge.