The symbol of the thirtieth anniversary of marriage – pearl, solid mineral. Its hardness symbolizes the strength of family ties, which are not destroyed after years of marriage. On this day spouses usually give each other jewelry, made from good quality of natural pearls is white. In Ancient Russia, it was decided to give the product of the round pearls, which symbolized joy and happiness. But a half-hearted or divided mineral – a symbol of sorrow and the blows of fate, so you should not present it as a gift.
A particular tradition of celebrating the pearl wedding now not exists. But it is not superfluous to visit on this day, the temple and put a couple of candles. In ancient times there was a ritual that had to be done during the day pearl wedding party to the marriage remained as strong – it was necessary simultaneously to throw into the pond two small coins. Then it was necessary in front of the mirror to swear to her husband in love.
The organisation of the festival the day pearl wedding is to be welcomed, especially if the celebration will happen in the same place as 30 years ago. To recreate the atmosphere of the holiday visit a special one for your love story places, remember the good moments of the past.
For the anniversary party must be present all members of the family, is a sacred tradition originating from Rome, where precious pearls are considered a sign not only of strong love, but also fertility. The right to congratulate the "newlyweds" should first be given to children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, who are a worthy continuation of a strong family.
On the table there must be fish, because fish has long been a symbol of a long and successful life. On this day, in any case not to give the "newlyweds" acute and household items like bed linen, it is believed that they can embroil husband and wife. Also it is not necessary to present anniversary crystal products, it's wise to buy pearl product that corresponds to the name of the wedding.