You will need
  • MC Excel, basic formulas of statistics
The first thing to sort on the selected characteristic data set that you want to perform. Then, the resulting data group to combine columns of the table. In some cases, the data needed for the solution may not be enough, then they need to be calculated using the appropriate formula in statistics or mathematical formulas.
Based on task, you must calculate the required pattern, using the value of the required series. In carrying out this calculation apply the basic formulas of statistics: averages, ratios, indexes, indicators. These formulas with an explanation of the legend can be found in textbooks on statistics or on the Internet.
As a rule, the resulting calculation is required to represent graphical images. For this program, which is working, you need to select the column and choose the desired image: graph or chart.
On the basis of the calculations and graphics need to analyze the obtained data, compare them to each other and thus find the answer to the problem.