Install on your PC the program Alcohol 120%. Download this app on the official website at or any soft-portal of the Runet, for example, Insert the optical drive the drive from which you need to make image and wait for the computer to recognize the external drive. Then run the program Alcohol 120%.
How to create an iso<strong>image</strong> <b>disk</b>
In the left part of the main window is the navigation bar. In "Basic operations" select icon of drive "the Creation of the images". Opens a window where you can choose the write speed, the drive, the data type, file name, its location and format. Click "Start" and wait until the operation completes.
How to create an iso<strong>image</strong> <b>disk</b>
After finishing the recording process the imageand you will be able to find a ready-made ISOimage in the previous place. To start working with it, you must mount the image in virtual drive. To do this, drag the file into the program window. Click the right mouse button and select "Mount on device". Now your image will work as a disk.
How to create an iso<strong>image</strong> <b>disk</b>