On the website there is a whole section with detailed description of each pack of cards: the size, the number of cards, screenshots, history, and alternative names. In this section you can download and install them on your computer. To do this, click on the name of the map in a new window to confirm the download. Here you will find recommendations how to install a downloaded material.
Another site - here, then, are maps and additions to the game. In contrast to the previous resource given just the list of modifications to the game. Click the desired link in a new window you will see a brief description. Located below are links for downloading.
One of the branches Warcraft 3 is DotA. This is the map that has a large number of replays. The packages of these replays is also available for download on the above site The download algorithm is the same as algorithm download cards.
On the website you can find a lot of links, videos, examples, games with bots etc. You should go to the listed links and act according to your priority needs.
Large selection of cards and additions is on the website In order to download the desired resource, click on the link with the map name and the text "free download".
On there is a large selection of cards, available for free download. Similar to the preceding examples, you must click on the link with the name of the desired card. In the new window click the link with the name and viriditas word download.
If the resources do not suit you, use a search engine like Yahoo! or Google. Some files can reside on file hostings, which are listed in the blacklist of your antivirus, for example Dr. Web. To be able to download add website to exception, removing it from the list. Also you can search for desired content on the torrent trackers, for example, Torrentino.