You will need
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • browser;
  • - Warcraft 3.
Download and install on your computer game Warcraft 3 to play DotA in Garena. Open a browser and go to After it finishes install the game to your computer. Next, install the patch for the game in Garena - for this go to the website select the desired patch and download it. In Garena is most often used 124c patch Warcraft 3, so select it. Run it and follow all the instructions of the installer. Then restart the computer.
Download the latest version of the map to get the opportunity to play in Garena. Just go to the website click on the link to download the latest version of the map. At the moment this map is 6.72 f. Once the map is downloaded, copy it to the folder of Warcraft/maps/downloads. Run Warcraft 3, select either LAN or single player, press the "Create" button and make sure the game sees the downloaded map in the Downloads folder.
Download and install Garena client. Click on the link, select Russian language for the client, click Download. After installation, run the program, click "Register". Complete the following fields: enter your username in the "Name" field, fill in the "Password" field, enter it again in the "Confirm password", enter your email address, select the country, select the check box next to the field "I agree to the license agreement." Click "Confirm". Next, enter your username and password, select any server. If necessary, the program will start the update. After injection, press the update button, wait for start Garena.
In the lower right corner click on "Settings" in the "Setup executable" click the "Browse" button and select your executable file in Warcraft III. Next, click "OK". Left click "Local game" – select Warcraft III, then country - Russia/Ukraine or other region of your choice. Select room players must be less than 225, so you can go to her.
Click "start", then start Warcraft. Click the "Local network" from the list games select a player. Turn the game in Garena in the list on the right, select a player, run the command "Tunnel". The chat will be displayed the value of ping. If it is greater than 150, then the game will "lag", i.e. hang out and slow down. Therefore select a different host (Creator of the game) and hit Join, expect a set of ten players and start the game host.