What you want to do?

If you want to find a job that you will really like, try to imagine that you already have a large amount of money, and no more having to work more. Think about what you want to do in this case? To answer this question for many can be difficult. Most of the people says that will rest and do nothing. However, idleness can not be infinite, sooner or later the person will get tired of vacation, and he starts to look for something interesting to do. That's the lesson you need to think about.

As soon as you come something to mind, think about why you are attracted to? Make a list of what you like most about this lesson, what sensations do you feel. Perhaps it's the dealing with people, working outdoors, frequent change of scene involving travel or a sense of freedom, when the result of your work depends on you and you are accountable only to yourself, etc. Look at your current job. Not gives you such opportunities? Do you really want to look for a new occupation?

Job search

Having defined what you expect from a new job, try to consider all offers available on the market today. Find what you really like now will be easier. For example, if you like to chat with people, you may want to consider jobs, sales Manager, teacher, profession, sphere of services etc. If you appreciate the independence and freedom, please note your interests or Hobbies if you have them. You may be able to monetize them and to open their own business.

Please pay attention to your real financial needs. If you have large ongoing expenses, no job, chosen so do not be joyful, if it does not bring you enough money. When looking for a job, focus on your feelings and expectations from it, but don't forget about the financial side of the question.


If you have found matching your criteria jobs, do not rush to get a job. Try to find representatives of this profession who do not do their job one year. Find out what skills are important, what to pay special attention to, etc., Decide if this is really what you want to do. Also note on their qualifications. Are you ready to get to work now or you need to go through retraining?

The device to work

To be mistaken with a choice of work which you like very easily. Only practice can show whether you have made a choice. If you have settled on a particular option, try to take a trial period or get work experience if possible. All what you have to do, and only then make the final decision.