You will need
  • - Strawberries - 2.5 cups,
  • - sugar - 1 Cup
  • - water - 3 l,
  • - juice currant (red or black) - 1 Cup
  • - mint leaves.
The following layout is designed for 3-liter jar. Strawberries to clean, rinse well under running water several times. To drain. Pour the berries into the prepared clean, dry jars. The number of strawberries can be increased a little depending on its size - the main thing that the Bank is about a third. Add the mint leaves.
After that, you should prepare the syrup: stir sugar with water and cook over low heat until dissolved. Pour currant juice.
Received boiling syrup pour the strawberries in jars, immediately sealed roll caps (pre-boiled in water). Carefully flip the jars upside down and cover with a blanket at night. Ready compote to store in a cool place.
Try to take strawberry for blanks ripe, with firm flesh. Of these berries compote will turn out richer and more aromatic.