In accordance with the Geneva Convention of 1951, to ask for political asylum you can in any country, regardless of their permanent residence. If you are being followed, and you feared for your life and health, and also for the life and the health of your family, then you have the right to leave the country and ask them to provide temporary asylum in other countries.

To obtain political refugee status, go to the chosen country of Europe direct flight. If you traveled with transfers through a third country, you may be denied political asylum and tell you to ask for political refugee status in the territory where you had a transplant, having left their homeland.

Immediately after arrival into the country, refer to the interdepartmental service or to the border guards. For example, if you flew to Germany, you need to immediately visit the Federal service for refugee status.

In this service you will be issued a uniform application form. You fill in all the blanks. This will be the application for granting refugee status.

In the Federal service are required to present a passport, medical certificate, legal documents confirming the fact of persecution in your country. These can be documents from law enforcement or state security agencies, regulations, protocols seizures and searches, notarised written confirmation of relatives, colleagues, acquaintances, membership cards of the opposition or political parties. All documents translated into the language of the country in which you ask for asylum.

After a few days you will be given a written decision of the immigration Commission. Given the status of political refugee will allow you to reside in the country legally, learn the language, get a job 180 days after the granting of status to all social benefits provided in this country.