In Mozilla FireFox to clear the cache and cook should be in the menu under "Tools" select "Settings". Open the "Settings" window, where the tab "Privacy" we are interested in the bottom button that says "Clear now." By pressing it, you will get a dialog box "Delete personal data", where you should tick the box next to "Cache" and "Cookies". Just press the button "Delete now".
How to clean <b>cookies</b> and cache
In Internet Explorer you can get to the desired options, if in the section "tools" top menu, select "Internet options". A window will open where we need the "General" tab, click the "Delete" button under "browsing History". In the window "Delete browsing history" is, we need the buttons to "Delete files" to clear the cache and Delete cookies to clear cookies.
How to clean <b>cookies</b> and cache
And in Opera the shortest path to the options of cleaning the cache and cook is through "Main menu" of the browser. In the section "Settings" this menu we are interested in the "Delete personal data". Clicking it will open the appropriate dialog box. We need to expand the list of data to delete. To do this, click the label "Detailed setup" and make sure the labels in the list next to "Clear cache" and "Remove all cookies". You should also be sure to check what will be removed along with cache and cookies, before clicking "Remove". Note deleting passwords - remove markers if they are not want to remove.
How to clean <b>cookies</b> and cache